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We work ethically, I’ve worked for a number of leading Managed IT Service Providers, I was not pleased by the way I saw customers cases being treated, security and upgrades being factored on the amount the customers pays.  It is an unethical practice, as it places your clients at risk, by giving them outdated, cheap, undervalued care and support. At AckerWorx we stride to provide the highest quality solution that we can think of, no matter the price paid.

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We Are The Best Valued Cyber Orientated Team On The Market, Try & Beat Us.

Unlike other companies, we actually do our job protecting and securing your systems. Most companies will install a monitoring device on your system. Problem being they did not design this tool, nor are they responsible for it’s security updates. No! They must rely on a third party which puts YOUR systems at risk.

With the boom in Cybersecurity it is hard to determine which companies actually provide adequate protection. Way back archive is your friend, your able to quickly check which companies have long term experience and which just cropped up over night.

check Full Data Encryption

check Bespoke Remote Monitoring

check Crysis Management & Disaster Recovery

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Somebody Is Watching You

In this video you’ll find out how the new security standards will boost your business and increase sales.

Pricing Plans

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These prices are only a mere guideline, our services are modular, so you can chop and change


Your basic protection
£ 9990/M
  • check 24/7 Ticketed Support Service
  • check Basic Code Development Augmentaton
  • close Hardware Upgrades
  • close Back up Monitoring
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Maximum 4 staff


For shops and providers
£ 34990/M
  • check 24/7 Support Service
  • check Basic Code Augmentations
  • check Proactive Monitoring
  • check Audits and Reviews every 3 months
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Maximum 9 Employees


Unlimited protection
£ 124999/M
  • check 24/7 Support Service
  • check Code Augmentations
  • check Hardware Upgrades or Replacements
  • check Proactive Monitoring
  • check Regular Audits and Reviews
  • check Cyber Protect+
  • check 3 x On-Site Service Checks Per Month
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Our Tip

CyberSecurity, has come about due to the lazy System Admin relying on automated and Outdated software.

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Generally problems can be amended without our intervention, we can offer free solutions to NGOs and Not for profit organizations.

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