IT Support

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What Makes Us Different

Code Augmentation Support as standard, We provide application development support included with all our care plans and block hour support. Our level support varies with each plan. Everyone has software development skills as standard, whether it’s C++, C#, PHP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, GOLANG, SWIFT, Assembly or one of the other 9000 programming languages out there. Someone here will be here to assist.

A technical jockey will say that many things we implement is not possible, as they are not able to find a Google Doc where someone else has. Where in reality it is possible, things take time. Most IT care plans are cost orientated, meaning if you don’t pay enough, they wont work on it.

AckerWorx is an Altruistic group, we think differently

Example our Free Lancer or Start Up support will provide Development Assistance in the installation of Linux Based PHP applications and the optimization of servers involved to an operational level.

Our Retail plan will go a step further by offering color and alignment customization and various content changes

Business plans our developers can see to add new functions to your software products.

and the Enterprise plan, we can create new applications to replace either paid Microsoft Services or Manual work flows.

Whilst we can provide Microsoft solutions, if you require a certain degree of customization then Open Source or Private Clouds are the way. We prefer to implement a Hybrid model where possible to give the best of both worlds.

Between 2011 and 2014 our company was formed within a cloud based /remote-work model. Our team is forward thinking and we wont stop working until your happy with our what we’ve built.


Example of our IT support services

check Unlimited phone and remote support sessions***

check Automatic Monitoring of System Health

check Patch and Update Systems and Servers

check ITIL Helpdesk

check Senior Consultant or Director level support

check Triage and analysis of support issues (whether in-scope or out)

check Fault identification and rectification

check User account creation/modification/deletion

check Problem management and escalation process

check Resolving email issues

check Troubleshooting your Server issues.

In short we are your Pragmatic IT Department

Services Unique to Us

check Operating 24/7 Day or Night

check Application Development Included in Support | Code Augmentations

check We willl support, install and configure OpenSource, Linux, BSD, MacOS and Microsoft Solutions

check Our knowledge isn't solely limited to Microsoft Technet

check We don't install monitoring tools on your machine as part of our service

check We will aim to keep your services upto date as part of our standard services and support.

check Security Orientated. All our solutions are tested regularly for rectification

check Regular Audits

What is a pragmatic IT Department

Being an early adopter, to have fast adaptation, inquisitiveness and critical thinking, realism, and being a jack-of-all-trades.

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