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Smart Home IT Automation

Smart-home IT Automation implements a complete overhaul of existing infrastructure or new build, secure digitization, IT modernization,  Pro IT support, programming. In Smart Home architecture since 2011, AckerWorx offers a complete plan from design concept to reality.

What makes us different?

At AckerWorx we are coders at the core, meaning whilst implementing systems we are able to go above and beyond. Are imagination isn’t limited by other views, we are able to see far an beyond and think for ourselves. Designing and developing unique solutions not implemented before.

We have security experience and you can rest assured your solution will be kept secured as we regularly monitor and test our own devices.

In 2004 our founder was one of the first homes in his city to fully embrace smart-home technology at during its infancy, battling through all the problems that came with it.

Since then he has built numerous modules and applications to interface with a variety of smart-home technologies including but not limited to, X10, 2.4GHz Zigbee and ZWave.

It’s with that knowledge and our experience that we are able to optimize automation to it’s full potential. Fine tune your home to a granular specification, have your lights, heating, water systems all feeding information securely via an internal network to a centralized location that you and only those that you choose can monitor.

Security systems that operate within your home and connect to your private cloud. Allowing you to access it whenever or from wherever you choose.

Facial recognition systems that can actually identify your intruder and get that information to the authorities.

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